Better by Great Place to Work

Summit Series: Season 2: How to be a Profitable Company, that’s also a Great Place To Work: A conversation with Jim Kavanaugh, CEO & CO-Founder of World Wide Technology

August 14, 2020

Jim Kavanaugh is the CEO and Co-Founder of World Wide Technology (WWT), a technology solutions provider with more than $11.3 billion in annual revenue and more than 6,000 employees globally. It serves the technology needs of large public and private organizations around the globe, including many of the world's best known brands. In this interview, Jim shares how WWT shares out its culture to it's employees in a way that creates flexibility and creativity, but also creates enough guidance and, rigor, to what the company's values are and what its leadership concepts include. Jim explains how he and his executive team have been very disciplined about integrated management leadership curriculum and how it's a huge part of WWT's success and early on focus of their mission. Listen in to hear Jim explain these concepts they look at it as a three legged stool. All three legs of the stool need to be working in synchronization. If one of them is not working, the model doesn't work.

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